Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Wedding Feature - Coke Can Candle Holders

diy wedding decor

First word... Fantastic... Second word... Amazing. This candle holders or votives, as its called, that are made from coke cans are pure genius. Coke cans into candle holders! So of course it had to be a DIY Wedding Feature this week. It just had to because when I saw this, I said 'Why didn't I think about that?' This is so beautiful and of course my first thought was, yes this is perfect for weddings. I can imagine it now on every table with adults. This is not a good decor for little kids. However, it is very inexpensive especially if you recycle. Save and wash your pop cans and you have saved yourself some money on decor. Cheap to Chic and absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Who knew I could get so worked up about pop cans.

Want to make this? Check it out at 

If you have some wedding advice, homemade decor and more. Share it with me over at City of Creative Dreams City of Links Party! Starts Fridays! Hope to see you there. Who knows, maybe you will be featured.

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  1. Hi Shanice,
    Thank you for featuring my DIY Coke tin Candle Votiveproject. Just stopped by to join the party and am happy to see this.
    Thank you for hosting the party :)
    Let's Make It Lovely

    1. Your welcome Roopini. Such a great idea!


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