Monday, November 16, 2015

My Top 10 Fav TV Shows of All Time

top 10 fav shows of all time

Dear lovers of TV like myself, I thought I would kick my feet up, grab a snack and slide over the remote to turn on my top five fav TV shows of all time. This fall season has been pretty spectacular, with breakout awesome shows like Quantico and Empire, I have loads of new shows added to my already long list of fav shows. However, I will save you from that long list of shows dating back to the classics from when I was younger. Here is my list of eyes glued to TV non-stop fav TV shows of all time.

#10 - One Tree Hill

Growing up with these teens made us think with all aspects of their lives. You couldn't go without a show or else you would be completely lost in what was going on. I remember the school shooting episode as the most memorable scene I have ever seen in my life when I was younger, it for sure left me with tissues. This show never stops giving us reality checks, humor, love, and life with all kinds of struggles and thriving moments.

#9 - Fresh Prince of Bell Air

Laugh until you cry and dance along with Carlton's famous classic moves. Who didn't love the awesome comedy of this sitcom? This is the type of show that you can still love watching every day non-stop. Family friendly and family oriented! Who didn't love joining along the ride of Will's ways of getting out of trouble? I know I did! Ashley, Will, Carlton and Hilary sure made TV great!

#8 - Prison Break

Drawn into the non-stop action of the world of Prison Break with characters Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell in Prison Break. Each week, we met characters that we would never forget following their journey into a very difficult world. Would they get out of prison? What would happen when they would leave? This was one action packed show!

#7 - Veronica Mars

Love this show so much that I could not believe when it was canceled. Veronica Mars made it into my heart and never let go with her smart comments and journey to solving crimes. We first met her when her best friend was murdered in high school, all the way to her college life. Plus, the bonus of her after college with the latest movie! This is a binge-worthy show that I would watch over and over!

#6 - Empire

Lions roar! This music-filled show far from predictable. One minute you are at the top and next minute you are gone. These lions are going building an empire to last for generations to come, that is if they don't get eaten alive first. Jam to the music and seek what happens next because we have a long way to go with this show!

#5 - How to Get Away With Murder

Twist and turns that always takes you from a shocking scene then drag you back in time to see what brought you to that point. Pick up the clues and moments that draw you to the question, how did they get away with murder and what happened? With this show, you are always in for a surprise, if it is not the main characters than it is the clients they represent.

#4 - Revenge

This show had you at the end of your seat with love, lies, and adventure! Emily or should I say Amanda goes on the journey of getting revenge on the people who sent her dad to jail for a crime he did not commit. Who did love seeing the drama between Victoria and Emily? The love between Emily and Daniel (which blossom into real love by the way)? What about the real Amanda and Jack? This show definitely made Sunday's worth waiting for!

#3 - Blacklist

We have finally reached my top three shows right now. Smart comments and thrilling stories Raymond tells when he is listed number one the most wanted list. Along with Elizabeth, you can be sure that his blacklist will keep us in full attention each season to come. Who doesn't want to follow that timeless hat of his, down the list of the blacklist?

#2 - Quantico

This show is brand new and worth every second of TV right now. That is why it is at my top three most awesome shows ever! I love the twists and turns that I have been going on and can only hope that this journey continues a couple more seasons! Alex is stunning as the lead actress and girl on the run, but yet she makes it easy to love her character.

#1 - Scandal

Gladiators! Olivia Pope is one tough cookie that will tell you how it will go from the beginning to the end. Don't end up on the opposing side because you are not going to win, especially when she is sleeping with the mot powerful man in the world... Fitz (you know the president!). Since she can fix everyone else life, can she fix her own? This show is always exciting!

I have to admit that this was a hard list to come up with. I love so many shows that choosing just five or ten of TV shows of all time was just a struggle, yet I made it through. There is so much I still want to share, so many comedies, action packed shows and classic I would have loved to place on my top ten, but there just wasn't any space. Maybe next time! What is your top five fave shows of all time? Can you think of just five?

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  1. Great list, but you left out the classics.. Breaking bad, Game of thrones and the best one yet... The wire.

    1. I haven't watched The Wire, I will have to check it out.


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