Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tween (or Pretween) First Period Essentials

first period essentials

There comes a time in every girls life when we, you know, have that time of the month for the first time. That is right, we are talking about how to prepare your child for her period. "Woah! Hold on... I am not ready for that right now... I have years until then" you may think but time as you know it goes in a blink of an eye. I looked back at baby pictures and can't believe how time just flew by to now my son being a toddler. So let's be real, this is an awkward time for everyone (more so single parent dads lol) and yet this idea may just give you the extra strength needed to help!

Now, I am not here to go into the details about my first time, however, it is what my mom did for me is what I truly remember. Since I was not feeling well, my mom let me stay home from school, bought me snacks and went to Blockbusters (if you are a teenager right now, it was back when there was no DVDs or BlueRay or iPods) I ate snacks and watched movies all day then went back to school the next day.

Today things are different, my little sister (who is 12 and with a mental condition as well as extreme high anxiety) can't mentally handle this huge change. So I had to approach this a different matter (aka without talking about it) I really had to make this welcome pack very simple and sweet all while being very last minute.

I bought this from Micheal's Craft Store for $1.99

Next, I bought pads, (*note to dads, its is the one with the words tween on it*) a favorite snack and stuffed animal. 

I thought this U by Kotex Tween was a smart pack for beginners since it had both pads and liners.  

Snacks are always a great addition to a gift or surprise while some like me love sweets, others like salty treats such as my sister. Yummy! If your not too sure, you might want to go for the classic chocolate or get all three!

Those eyes are just too cute! Stuffed animals will help comfort any pain or worry.

Now simply add it inside!

Of course, I had to take this up a step further. I had these labels that I bought from Micheal's Craft Store a while back and thought I could use them here for a positive board. No one feels these best the frist time so have encouraging words really helps boost the mood and writing them in nice colorful colors are a nice touch.

I borrowed my mom's Chalk Board marker that I also got from Micheal's Craft Store and thought I would keep the positive and encouraging words going!

List of other things you could add:
Advil or Tylenol

Whatever way you choose to do this, remember that this will stay with them for the rest of their lives and they will appreciate how you made them feel on that day. It is the efforts that we bring that leaves an impress even if they don't show it,

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  1. My daughter is ten an in 4th grade, an already shows many signs an symptoms, I jus pray not yet,, but I know it's coming soon. I absolutely love this gift box idea, an the paragraph about them appreciating you even if they don't show it,,, made me cry:) perfect idea!

    1. Aww thank you so much! It is no easy process and at time half of what we do is not appreciated but it is always imprinted :) Hope your little one enjoy yours.


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