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Interior Design Trends for Millennials: High Style, Low Budget

Interior Design Trends for Millennials: High Style, Low Budget | City of Creative Dreams

There has never been a time when house improvement and interior design TV shows were as popular as today, and we have the generation of millennials to thank for that. However, although they have a perfectly carved sense of taste and style, millennials are not willing to spend their entire budget on home décor. And while they will not search for premium solid wood dining room tables as their parents did, they will find an equally eye-pleasing alternative that comes at a much lower price. So, how to tap into this high style – low budget décor adventure? Let’s give it a shot.

Functionality as an imperative
Most of the millennials, especially the ones who are just starting their independent lives are living in small apartments or houses. Therefore, functionality is imperative. Furniture pieces that have more than one purpose are always welcome, but not at the cost of style. Here’s an example: ottomans are very popular to use instead of coffee tables these days. Besides looking glamorous, these pieces can also be used as storage.

The Most Popular Design Approaches
There is no doubt that millennials love keeping up with everything trendy, and they are really fascinated with certain interior design styles that fit into their budget and tastes. Here are some of them:
Scandinavian: This approach is based on minimalism, functionality, clean lines, neutral colors and the use of natural materials (e.g. wood and stone).
Industrial: This style includes not necessarily authentic furniture pieces, and it combines metal and rustic wood. Exposed bricks and pipelines are just what you need if you’re living in a rented apartment you don’t have the chance to fully redecorate.
Eclectic: Throw everything you have in a pile, and that’s it. Well, not really. Eclectic is a mixture of two or more styles that doesn’t look chaotic. Ideal for millennials moving into half-decorated apartments.

Neutral Background
Neutral paint colors are perfect, not only because they tend to look more expensive and elegant, but also because they combine well with every style. This means that if one year you are in the mood for Scandinavian décor, feel free to change your mind the following and transform everything into industrial design, without repainting the entire place.

The High-Low Mix
Even when focused on one specific design style, millennials love mixing in different elements, just to spice things up a bit and bring their own personality into the décor. The high-low mix can also be associated with their tendency to complete some inexpensive flea market kitchen finds with quality Whirlpool appliances they usually find on sales. Ikea is also a very popular brand since it isn’t expensive and it has a versatile offer. The third thing connected to high-low is what it actually sounds like: mixing furniture of different height to get a unique sense of dynamics into the space.

Recycled, Reused, Repurposed
Have we mentioned that, besides being prone to save money, millennials are a very eco-conscious generation? In fact, in most cases, they would rather repurpose an old piece of furniture than buying a completely new one? And who do you think started the whole pallet DIY craze? This is the generation that will find two chairs and join them into a French bench, just because it looks classy; or build a nightstand out of an old suitcase.

Finally, a customized interior is very important to the members of this generation. And while they don’t care about designer sofas, they do find it crucial to reconfigure some pieces by painting, decoupage or a similar technique. Also, photographs, art prints, and other items with quotes from their favorite books and movies are often included.

As you can see, our dear millennials may lack cash, but they surely don’t lack the resourcefulness and some neat interior design tricks. Take a few hints from what we’ve gather from their ideas and turn your place into a luxurious trendy accommodation on a shoestring budget.

Guest post courtesy of Tracey Clayton.

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