Monday, May 15, 2017

Ultimate Guide to Setting Tables

Ultimate Guide to Setting Tables | City of Creative Dreams

Wedding season is fast approaching and planning for one if not the easiest. I completely hear that! You might be thinking 'Why do I need to even know tabling settings? Can't we use the same fork and spoon for my entire meal?' To be completely and utterly honest with you... those were my exact thoughts. I personally haven't been to any fancy party that I would need to remember what spoon is needed for what. I thought only princesses had to deal with things like that, boy was I wrong when I studied for wedding planning.

The table setting is more than just a plate, fork and cup. Yes, those are all the things you would need for a meal but there is actually a lot to think about and consider.

Meal Courses
How many courses will you be serving? That is the number one question to consider. You would not place the table for seven courses when you are only having burgers and fries for dinner and you wouldn't have a simple setting when you are having seven courses for dinner. What is on the menu? Knowing the line up for what is being served will help to decide on how to set your table. Those are things you have to think about before even starting anything.

The Occasion
You have to think about what you are setting the table for. Are you planning a wedding, are you having a few friends or family over or having a huge family event? This helps to determine the style you want to go for your table. To keep it simple you may want a classic paper napkin to pair with your plastic cups for a backyard grill night. For a larger event such as a wedding, you may want to keep it more fancy and have charger plates, linen napkins, and wine glasses.

Even though we might not be personally putting together the table settings for your big special day, that doesn't mean you won't have the chance to host a small get together one day. Regardless of the occasion, it is still something worth knowing because you never know when you will be in the situation where you need to know it. Let's say for a hypothetical reason, you are dating a new guy or girl and find yourself helping set the table. Or your in-laws are coming over for the first time and you want to impress them. What are you going to do? In case this situation or much more just so happen to pop up in your life, this infographic will give you the proper rules to get your table setting for any occasion.


With this, you will look like you have been doing this for ages! The neighbors will drool over how stylish your decor is, while your mother in law will silently applaud you about your table setting. It may not be with words but you will know you have dominated your table setting. Yes, you will be the talk of the town, all because you set your table right. Believe me, you may think no one will notice but they do and they will remember that time when you had the party and your table was on point.

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